Re: [kde] KDE SC 4: The good, the bad, and the broken

On 24 May 2010 15:22, Dennis Neumeier <dennismail@xxxxxxx> wrote:
1. The x.0 version thing is a good point - I would say that this is even the
most important one. There were many german linux newspapers that wrote that
there were many things not working as users would think in KDE 4.0. This shows
clearly that here, developers should include this point in the roadmap.

Yes, that was actually the catalyst of the presentation. A future
presentation may expand on that, if some key devs are willing to be

2. Innovative Features: Well, I know, this was talked about many times all
around the net, but still, I have many people around me that are still asking:
"What is the advantage of this new plasma thing?" or "Why can't I simply put a
link to an application to the desktop with right-click like I used to?" To
really gain the attention of potential switchers to KDE SC 4, I would first of
all answer these questions, although (I have to admit), I didn't find any real
good answers to them. If there are any good answers, I propose to include
those in such a presentation - that would help many LUGs, I suppose.

I do have some answers to that question, but I will wait for KDE 4.5
to be released before opening my mouth. Hint: activities (which were
terribly broken until now).

Dotan Cohen
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