Re: [kde-linux] Printer defaults location?

On 06/15/10 18:15, Thomas Taylor wrote:
Could anyone tell me where the printer defaults for kde applications are
stored? My Brother HL-1440 prints right down to and beyond the bottom of a
page in kde apps. I can correct this by going into the "properties" tab and
resetting the bottom margin from "0.50 in" to "0.75 in" which results in a half
inch bottom margin but I'm lazy and don't like having to do that every time I
print something (frequently)

I've edited the Brother ppd file in /usr/share/cups/model/Brother/HL-1440-hl1250.
ppd.gz changing the imageable area bottom from 792 points to 738 points but that
didn't solve the problem.

I think that you can ungzip the PPD that you are using. And, make sure
that CUPS is using that file and not a copy somewhere else.

As shown on the linked screenshots below, the top and bottom margins are set to
0.50 in. What I would like to know is how are these values derived or where
are they stored. Am I editing the wrong file?

I've done a search for "0.50 in" in /etc, ~/, and /usr but didn't find a match.

It would be a CUPS configuration file and it would probably be in points.

To trouble shoot this, please try printing to a PS file. Open that in
GV (don't use Okular) and see if it is correct. If it is not correct,
then the problem would appear to be in you KDE printing settings. If
the PS file is correct then you have a CUPS/Qt issue.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch
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