Re: [kde-linux] Changed Monitor - Can't reconfigure display!

On 2010/08/19 15:44 (GMT-0700) Frank K composed:

This may not be a KDE problem, but I'll ask it here first. Env is
openSuse 11.2 with KDE 4.3.1.

I changed the monitor from a flat screen device to a CRT, but
using the same display card.

Upon reboot the display resolution comes up at 800x600@60Hz. The
menus are off screen, but I got to Configure Desktop > Display.
The only other choice given is 480.

If I reboot in failsafe the display comes up at 1024x768 but there
are no other choices available.

My display card is a Matrox Mellennium 16M dual head card. On the
same system, same HW and connections, the XP boot finds two dozen
adapter settings including the 1152x852@75Hz with 32K depth.

I saw in the sysconfig editor a place to mess with frame buffers
settings. In earlier times I've attempted to edit the free86
files, but seldom successfully. I've tried the CTL ALT Kp+ with no
change. It seems as if this display card is incompatible with
openSuse 11.2.

1-log out of X session
2-switch to a virtual console (Ctrl-Alt-F[1-6])
3-login as root
4-init 3
5-save a copy of /etc/X11/xorg.conf to ease switch back to an LCD like your
old one
6-sax2 (choose to not accept the initial offering)
7-specify various settings to your like
8-exit/save, but don't bother with testing, which may force you to reboot
9-init 5
10-login normally
11-goto 1 to repeat if not quite right

If you still have trouble let me know and I'll find a working CRT xorg.conf
for use with Matrox in 11.2, but let me know which resolution and refresh you
prefer. The 11.2 on CRT I have booted now is on ATI running 1856x1392.

FYI, the 11.2 drivers for Matrox do not support randr, the modern method of
controlling screen characteristics that is different and more complex (though
usually automatic) than the old method you must use with Matrox.

FYI also if you upgrade to 11.3 or above, as with other distros newer than
11.2, it will be even more difficult. 11.3 & above have dropped sax2, making
configuration of non-randr video chips much more difficult, though generally
a saved xorg.conf from a previous release will either work as-is or be a good
starting point for manual adjustment.

Better places to ask this would have been xorg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or
opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx lists.
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