Re: [kde-linux] konsole/bash/htop use bold characters and make characters unreadables

Le Sunday 22 August 2010 09:14:39 Duncan, vous avez écrit :
OK, I just discovered that konsole (4.x) actually has two font
adjustments, which I didn't realize before. See below for the
implications, but you said you're learning from this exchange; I'm
learning too...

You mention konsole version 4.x, but i saw that konsole version in opensuse
11.3 is 2.4.3 . MAybe you refer to kde version 4.x ? Kde version in opensuse
11.3 is 4.4 .

Now, back to konsole (4.x):
Again on that appearance tab, when editing the current konsole profile,
down at the bottom, notice the checkbox for "Draw intense colors in bold

!!!! That's exactly where the whole point is ! You perfectly understood.

Try unchecking it and applying, etc. See if that gets rid of the
bold-font anomalies you mention!

I read your message ten minutes ago and immediately rebooted from opensuse
11.1 to the "faulty" opensuse 11.3 and looked for this setting. During the
minute it took to reboot from one to the other, i wondered why i hadn't seen
this setting before, since i spent some hours on that problem. And when i
arrived on the opensuse 11.3 kde 4.4 desktop with konsole 2.4.3, i understood
why i didn't find it : because there is no such checkbox on my konsole
version !
I will attach a screenshot in a later message.
For a second or two, i thought i was cursed, but i immediately rushed to
~/.kde4/share/apps/konsole/ and found one file called Terminal.profile and
found no attribute called something like "DrawIntenseColorInBold=true"
The only content i found was :

Font=Fixed [Misc],7,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0

[Encoding Options]

Shall i add such an attribute to replace this absent checkbox ?
What's the name of this attribute in your Terminal.profile file ?
What's your konsole version ?
Will it work for my konsole version ?

I was a bit puzzled early on as the ANSI font attributes I mentioned have
bright (translated as flashing on some terminals), underline, etc, but not
bold. So I wondered if there was a bold attribute I was missing, or what,
pretty much assuming so. But when I saw that checkbox, I was pretty sure
I knew what was happening: The bright attribute was being translated to
bold, which unfortunately screwed up your font. If I were a betting man,
now that I spotted that setting, I'd place money on that it being checked,
causing your whole problem! =:^\

You found the problem, you found the solution, but the checkbox solution has
disappeared in my konsole ....

If so, well, I've discovered the fix now, for the next time someone
reports the problem! And it seems we both learned a decent bit from all
this, too. =:^)

Sure, you your knowledge about font size is very big. I learnt a lot reading


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