Re: [kde] System tray icons

Is the "phantom" icon still responsive to context-clicks and does it still
display a tooltip (assuming you don't have that turned off) if hovered

Yes to both.

What happens if you toggle desktop effects off?  Does the icon disappear?
(There's a default keyboard shortcut for toggling it, tho I've changed
mine.  The default is... looking it up... alt-shift-f12 .)

Nothing changes with the system tray icons when I toggle the desktop effects

What happens if you try killing plasma-desktop (from krunner or a konsole
window, traditional SIGTERM method: killall plasma-desktop, kde/dbus
method: kquitapp plasma-desktop), then restarting it?  Is the icon still
there, or now gone?

This is strange, restarting plasma-desktop does remove the icon but it
leaves a blank space in the system tray where the icon was located.
Which makes for a really awful looking system tray.

I'm wondering if it's simply an OpenGL or similar display glitch, tho
given the different hardware and drivers you've tried, I don't really see
how it could affect all of them.  None-the-less...

Also, do try playing with the systray config options for that icon.  When
it's still shown, does setting the systray option to hide that icon hide
it, or...?

The systray config options treat the "phantom" icons as expected. It
will hide the icon when asked, and it is show when 'show hidden icons'

And finally, does ps/top/ksysguard/system-activity (the last being
available from the icon in krunner) still show the app after you've "quit"
it, or does it disappear from process list at that point?

Once I have quit the application, the process does disappear from the
process list.

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