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Bob Stia posted on Sat, 06 Nov 2010 02:10:47 -0400 as excerpted:

Hello KDE3 people,

I posted this on openSUSE KDE and did not get one single response. So I
am going to try here for a broader user group.
 I'm running KDE3 on openSUSE 11.3. A strange thing has popped up on my
 desktop. If I minimize an application it does not show up in the
 taskbar. It
just dissapears. I have 4 virtual desktops which I can choose from  on
 I have been trying things in Personal Settings but don't know if that
it. I have been going over settings for hours without any luck at
finding the
 solution.  The app is not closing because if I mouse-over a window
 (pager) in
the task bar it shows the app name on that desktop. But opening the
corresponding desktop it does not show the opened app. This condition
happens whether the taskbar shows permanently or hidden.
 Ideas, solutions?

I probably don't have to tell you that kde3's going to be getting tougher
and tougher to find support for... especially on the kde lists, since kde
itself dropped kde3 support over a year ago, now (despite the very visible
pledge by asegio as a kde spokesperson that support would remain available
as long as there were users... not from kde, it hasn't!). The active
support lists/forums/etc are going to be the ones for your distro,
assuming it's still supported (I don't know the status of openSuSE 11.3 vs
other versions, maybe it's an LTS with support for quite some time yet,
maybe not), and/or the ones for the continuing kde3 project, I forgot what
it's calling itself now, but it's in the process of a rename to reflect
the fact of the fork off of the last official kde3 version...

But that isn't to say that you're totally out of luck, here, just that it
might not be sufficient, and it's likely to continue to get worse as the
distance in time from supported status lengthens. With that as a
disclaimer, plus this, I'm running kde4 now and have been for over a year
now, so this is from memory...

What happens if you use the keyboard app-switching shortcut (normally alt-
tab)? That has always (kde3 and kde4) worked to bring minimized apps back
up, for me. In fact, I've been running without a taskbar for years,
probably since kde 3.4 at least, and definitely in 3.5 before 4.x, and
have used alt-tab switching, or the window list (which I had set to IIRC
middle-click on the desktop, plus had a window-list icon on one of my
panels, in kde3), in place of a taskbar.

Of course, the next question then is what about the window list, noting
that as I recall from kde3, both it and the alt-tabbing can be configured
to only switch apps on the same desktop, or among all on all desktops,
depending on how you have prefs set.

Either of those should let you switch to it, if indeed it's simply

A couple other possibilities (that apply to both later kde3.5 and kde4):

Perhaps you have (somehow) configured window transparency to 90+%
transparent (10-% opacity), and the window's not actually minimized, but
simply transparent enough you're not seeing it. I don't know how it might
have happened, unless perhaps you have someone that might have played a
prank on you...

Similarly, check the window rules (special window/app settings, in the
window menu for an app, or IIRC in kcontrol as well). Check at least for
three things: transparency, force-minimize (forced minimized would mean it
won't come back to normal even if you switch to it, as the force minimize
would immediately force it back minimized... which almost sound like it
might be what's happening, actually), and also for strange forced-
position, that would perhaps put the app off-screen (if you have a
1920x1080 monitor with top-left at 0,0, and the window rule forces it to
position top left at say 0, 1200...).

Hopefully one of those suggestions will help...

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