[kde] Re: A week of KDE4 usage

On Tuesday, 2011-05-10, Alex Schuster wrote:

I never used a distribution list with kontact, so I tried this for
myself. I created a new contact group 'Testgroup' in kaddressbook and
added some people with their e-mail addresses. Kmail then knows about
this Testgroup (it auto-completes it) - great, I think before KDE 4.6
addressbook and kmail did not exchange their data, Kmail did not know
about the people in the address book.

KMail had access to the addressbook from some version of the KDE2 cycle.
KAddressBook, KMail (and other applications, e.g. Kopete) basically read the
same files.

But when I send a test mail,
nothing happens. It turned out that the mail is being sent to
Testgroup@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and not to the members. This seems to be a
known bug that was already fixed, but it's happening again. [1]

Could be a problem with the Nepomuk setup.
It might not be running or it might not have told about the contacts.

Unfortunately the delay of KMail's port to Akonadi has left the addressbook
integration in a kind of intermediate state due to it already using the new
access stack :(

So I had to first add the system tray plasmoid, then I could
get the password and downlaod the file.

Just for future occasions:

kioclient copy ftp://someserver/somefile /some/local/dir

BTW, I wouldn't have been able
to download it with dolphin anyway [3], because it has German umlauts in
the file name.

Might depend on the way your access FTP. If you have an ftp:// URL there won't
be any problem no matter of character, because they needs to be encoded


Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
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