[kde] Re: KDM not starting after upgrade

On 05/21/2011 02:14 PM, Duncan wrote:

It looks like so. You'd have only encountered problems when you tried the
kwin --replace and/or plasma-desktop steps, since they use opengl, and
likely only kwin, as plasma-desktop uses opengl, but not to the same
degree. (FWIW, the comic-strip-plasmoid, of /all/ things, appears to use
opengl accelerated drawing functionality that triggered an agp-only radeon
drm kernel regression bug I had at one point. The rest of my plasma config
worked fine, as long as I didn't have a comic strip configured!)

Thanks for the update! Knowing how it was ultimately resolved... is both
potentially helpful if others have the problem, and fills my own curiosity.

I did "try and run plasma and kwin from xfce" thing and plasma worked,
but kwin caused a lock-up. As I was running from the command line I saw
the messages from kwin and basically there were just four lines which
more or less said :

1. The GL vendor is NVIDIA Corporation
2. The GL renderer is <my graphics card identifier>
3. The GL version is 2.1.2 NVIDIA 270.41.06
4. The driver is nvidia version 270.41.06

After that : total lock-up.

At that point I realised that in running nvidia driver version 270..., I
had leap-frogged Slackware's (unofficially) packaged nvidia driver which
was 260.... I uninstalled the 270 version, installed the Slackware
package and found that everything worked just fine from the outset,
apart from the need to put back some desktop backgrounds and a
quicklaunch widget.

The moral is : don't try and be smarter than the guys building your distro.

Thanks again for you interest Duncan.
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