Re: [kde] Bad DNS Query for Date & Time

On Tuesday 30 Aug 2011 Michael D. Berger wrote:
I have a local ntp server, whose url is specified in /etc/hosts.
Pinging it from my new CentOS 6 laptop works just file. Watching
with WireShark, if I do /etc/init.d/ntpd restart, I see a
successful ntp query and response.

Now using KDE 4 on my new CentOS 6 laptop, using the "Date &
Time [modified] - System Settings", I set time using my server.
In WireShark I see a dns query asking for the address of:
"settings-look-and-feel.desktop". The dns response is:
"No such name". How about that?

If I understand you correctly, in CentOS 6 you have used System Settings >
Computer Administration section > Date and Time to set up ntp. What did you
give as the server entry? Have you tried giving it the IP of your server,
rather than the name? The wireshark report does seem odd. I can't imagine
why it looks for the desktop file.


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