Re: [kde] KDE Panel freezing when HDMI connected

On Monday, 2011-09-12, Anne Wilson wrote:
On Monday 12 Sep 2011 Alex Schuster wrote:
I don't know it this is possible for a single-threaded application, I
assume the answer is no. I do not think there is some sort of supervisor
that calls and controls the individual plasmoids. When a plasmoid's code
being executed, and that goes in an endless loop, it will stay, and
plasma will not react any further. At least that's my understanding.

Either I'm misunderstanding you, or that is unbelievable. From the
earliest days of basic coding you could set a timer so that if no response
was obtained by then the loop exited. Are you saying that 30 years on
this is not possible?

Ah, but the timer won't fire because the process is executing the other stuff.
For any kind of interrupt to work one needs at least a second execution
context. Even then cancelling an operation might not be possible if it wasn't
designed for that or is blocking in a call to some external code, e.g. a file

Things can usually be done more asynchronously than they are done now, but it
is way more complicated which is why initial implementations of things are
almost always synchronous.

The case of something blocking due to networking is definitely fixable and
should have been asynchronous from the start. I recommend letting the
respective developer know about this limitation.


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