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Renaud (Ron) Olgiati posted on Sat, 22 Oct 2011 08:31:54 -0300 as

Is that another case, like dropping the Find File from Tools, to make
Konqueror less and less usable, to force users to move to Dolphin ? A
case of "We are KDE of Borg, you will be assimilated" ?

You've referenced that twice, now, and I don't use the Go menu (or for
that matter, konqueror, preferring mc for most file management, gwenview
for images and video, and the dolphin default is fine for trivial usage
as when clicking a dir in a folderview plasmoid and for sound, given
gwenview doesn't see sound files) so can't speak to that one, and don't
recall whether find was in konqueror in 4.6 or not...

But I can definitely confirm that the my current kde 4.7.2 installation,
here on Gentoo, has a Find Files option in konqueror's Tools menu, when
it's in file management mode (it's not there in web browser mode, but
it's a file function not a web function so why would it be wanted in web
mode anyway?).

If I click that Tools menu Find Files entry, I get the usual kde find
files dialog, which is actually a separate application called kfind (as
revealed if one clicks the help button and looks at the abouts in the
resulting menu).

As such, I'd strongly suspect that it's there in kde 4.6 as shipped by kde
as well, and if it's not, it'd be a bug, not a feature.

If you're missing it, as you seem to be, it's probably due to your
distro's choices or your own. Here on Gentoo, kfind is a separate
package, and I suspect if I didn't have it installed, that item would
disappear from the konqueror tools menu as there'd be nothing to invoke.
See if you can install kfind and if that brings the menu entry back.
Meanwhile, it's certainly possible that whatever distro you had installed
previously, had kfind installed by default, but your current one, or at
least the version of it you have installed, does not.

And if due to some bug that entry doesn't appear in kde 4.6.x as shipped
from kde (what the distros do to it is the distro's choice and problem),
as I said, I can confirm that it's there in my 4.7.2, as long as kfind is
installed, anyway, so if there was a bug in 4.6 preventing that item from
appearing, it's either fixed by 4.7.2 or possibly, isn't triggered on my
install, for whatever reason.

But meanwhile, what gave you the idea, that you've repeated twice now,
that it was kde's decision to remove that entry? Did you read it
somewhere? Where? Maybe you're right that they DID remove it for a
time, but if so, they brought it back, because it's certainly available
to me here in 4.7.2.

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