Re: [kde] two problems KDE 4.8

P Nikolic posted on Tue, 14 Feb 2012 11:10:00 +0000 as excerpted:

I am having a couple of problems that are becoming a PITA

The by-point replies below probably aren't what you wanted to read, but
they're how I deal with it. Other than simply pointing them out as
options, I'm mainly just acknowledging your post, so it doesn't go
entirely unreplied if someone else doesn't reply with solutions hopefully
closer to your present setup.

1 . Kmail will randomly just bomb out bang gone plus the mailing list
filters miss so much mail i have to filter by hand .

FWIW, after trying akonadified kmail, I decided the kmail devs were
taking it, and by extension all of kdepim in a direction opposite the one
I was headed. I don't believe the akonadified/database-backed version
will be as stable as old kmail was, at least for me, for several
releases, say 4.10 or so, and I considered email too vital to be causing
me stability and dependability headaches for over a year.

So I switched to claws-mail, which was right for me. The conversion
process wasn't entirely without issue, but then again, neither was the
upgrade to akonadified kmail. Other people may be more comfortable with
thunderbird or evolution, but they weren't right for me either, while
claws-mail ended up being a better match for me than the pre-akonadified
kmail was.

So choose what you like, including staying with kmail if you continue to
be comfortable with it, but if you had thought about switching, now's
probably the time to do it, because as I said, I don't expect kmail to be
really stable again for another year, to 4.10 or so, based on recent kde
stabilization time history.

2 . I can not setup the ntp server or country settings it is stuck on
Gurnsey i can change it but it asks for authentication which i supply
then moans about unable to contact ntp server ( it is contactable and
has a fairly good response time ) . if you need more info what and
where from

FWIW, I run my own ntp server instance on my main machine, and the
netbook keeps good enough time on its own that syncing it by hand every
so often is fine. So on the main machine, the ntp server controls the
time and my kde user doesn't have direct privs to modify it. And on the
netbook, the kde user doesn't have privs either, as I use either the date
command at an an admin-user command-prompt (setting it say 30 seconds or
a minute ahead and hitting enter when the time rolls over on my main
machine, I don't care about a few seconds off on the netbook), or set it
in the BIOS.

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