[kde] Switching Activities via keyboard shortcuts.

I currently use one Desktop for Virtual Box, and another for
everything else. I am considering switching this paradigm to having
Virtual Box on one Activity, and everything else in another Activity.
I am having these issues with Activities in KDE 4.7. If there is a
workaround if if the issues are addressed in KDE 4.8 I would like to
know. Thanks.

1) There is no way to flip between two Activities on a single keyboard
shortcut, as one can flip between two windows with Alt-Tab (called
Walk Through Windows in System Settings). One can likewise set "Walk
Through Desktops", but not "Walk Through Activities".

2) Though there is a keyboard shortcut to open the Activities Manager,
once there the mouse is necessary to actually switch Activity. One
cannot simply choose an Activity via the arrow keys. I'm sure that one
might be able to tab his way around in the Activities Manager, but
that is not an efficient way to swap Activities.

3) There is no quick way to send a window to a different Activity,
such as one can move a window to a different Desktop from the Task
Bar's context menu -> Move To Desktop.

Dotan Cohen

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