Re: [kde] using remote URL instead of cache

On Thursday, 2012-03-08, Daniel Barna wrote:

I have created a wrapper script around an application so that it can
handle remote files, and also directly save to the remote location (i.e.
immediately upload to the remote location when it saves the file)
The .desktop file contains this line:
Exec=my-application %U
indicating that this application can handle remote URLs. Nevertheless,
when I open a remote file in dolphin with my application, the remote
file is first downloaded to /var/tmp/kdecache-barna/... and this local
file is given to my application, instead of the original remote URL. Can
I change this behaviour somehow?

Hmm, you are right that %U should have the desired effect.
Can you try %u as well, i.e. indicating support for one URL?


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