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On Tuesday, April 03, 2012 04:58:59 AM heathmatlock did opine:

Hi Gene, best thing to do would be to file a bug.

Probably. But its been ages (kde2 days) since I went that route, spending
an hour or so just getting bugzilla access setup, only to have Ingo K. say
its a Won't Fix. I tried what I think is my old password, failed, probably
because I have since changed ISP's so I'm not me but some imposter. Its
bad enough just trying to stay ahead of the mailing list, its been renamed
and restarted from scratch at least twice, maybe 3 times in the last 14
years I've been running linux. For years I was subscribed to this list,
getting its emails many times a day, but I didn't have permission to post.
It took a noisy blowup at the list admin 4 times before that was finally
fixed and stayed fixed.

I don't think the kde folks have ever heard of amanda, and their own backup
offerings only have perhaps 0.01% of the smarts amanda has, so if a crash
takes it down, its gone. That is no ones fault but their own IMO.

Come to think of it, the last time I tried to setup a bz account at kde's
bz, because it didn't know who I was, so I tried to open a new account, but
then it said I already had an account and refused to process it. That was
probably 4 years back or more back up the log as I was using Konstruct to
build kde then.

Has that been fixed? I like kde, beats gnome hands down, but the kde people
go way the hell and gone out of their way to make filing bugs impossible.
IMO if they really wanted to know about user problems, they would read
their own user mailing lists. They could be an excellent source of user
problems that need triage.

Cheers, Gene
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