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On Tuesday, April 03, 2012 04:22:29 PM Anne Wilson did opine:

On 03/04/12 10:36, gene heskett wrote:
It did work, it burnt the bios update as requested. And its
10,000% easier to type k3b in a user terminal than it is to wade
through the menu's and find it, under archivers of all places.

You seem to have missed out on a very useful tool - instead of wading
through a menu, hit alt+F2 to bring up krunner, then type in "k3b" - I
rarely touch menus these days.


Perhaps Anne, but when I already have a dozen or more terminals open its a
lot easier. Besides, terminal screens were invented decades before PARC
invented the mouse plus its a long reach to hit alt+F2 for these short
fingered hands. What happens if I have a cup of coffee in the other hand &
no quick and dirty place to park it while I use both hands to span that

Yeah, I'm a Senior Citizen, now where is the discount? ;-)

Did you block my diatribe about the busted bugzilla? I don't appreciate
that a bit, how is it ever going to get fixed if no one sees the bitching?

People ARE going to jump ship for a better ISP from time to time and we
need a method to facilitate the cleanups that will still work AFTER any
email forwarding grace period has expired, and which are currently blocking
my use of it. I can't open a new account because I'm already known, and I
can't use the old account because my email addy has changed. Ergo, to me
its busted, fix it! By deleting any and all references to me from the
/etc/passwd file on the bz server, or where ever the heck bz keeps that
stuff. Then I might be able to open a new account and file bug reports.

Cheers, Gene
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