Problem with USB storage

From: Jim Stark (
Date: 12/03/03

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    Date:	Tue, 2 Dec 2003 19:23:07 -0800 (PST)


    I am currently using Slackware 9.1 with a custom built
    kernel (2.4.22). The problem I am having is that
    sometimes (not always), I can mount my USB memory
    stick. It happens very infrequently. When I insert,
    the hotplug support detects it and loads usb-storage
    and starts two processes (usb-storage-0 and
    scsi_eh_1). Most (99%) of the time, the mount program
    freezes when attempting to mount the device, and can
    only be stopped by waiting and sending kill -9.
    Thereafter, the device (/dev/sda1) states that it is
    not a valid black device AND the USB port I tried to
    use becomes unusable until a restart. Further, the
    two processes I described earlier are impossible to

    Any ideas? I am currently in the process of upgrading
    to the newest kernel (2.4.23). An additional note is
    that the ehci-hcd (usb2) module is loaded and I am
    trying to use it for the higher transfer rates.



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  • Next message: Nathan Scott: "Re: Reproducable OOPS with MD RAID-5 on 2.6.0-test11"

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