From: Thomas Koeller (
Date: 02/10/05

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    Date:	Thu, 10 Feb 2005 16:02:29 +0100

    Hi Patrick,

    I am writing a driver for a platform device, and I want
    the platform to communicate to the driver the resources
    allocted for the device. My platform has resources that
    are not of the standard kind IORESOURCE_[IO|MEM|IRQ|DMA],
    and while I can pass them into a call to
    platform_device_register(), I cannot retrieve them in
    the driver, because platform_get_resource_byname()
    explicitly looks only for the standard resource types.

    Is this intentional? To me it seems to make a lot more
    sense to return any resource with a matching name regardless
    of its type.


    Thomas Koeller, Software Development
    Basler Vision Technologies
    thomas dot koeller at baslerweb dot com
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