Re: Sandisk Compact Flash
Date: 07/20/05

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    Date:	Wed, 20 Jul 2005 12:48:59 +0530

    Hi David ,

        On my controller CF INPACK pin is connected to 3.3v. so Comapct flash
    with DMA capabilty will not be supported , i understood this .
    but i did not undesrtand why only PIO mode 1 is supported is it , why not
    PIO mode 4 , is it a limitation of pcmcia driver , correct me if i am wrong

    Thanks In Advance

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    Subject: Re: Sandisk Compact Flash

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    On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 07:04:38PM +0530,
    > I ma newbie to compactflash driver , I am using mpc862 PPC processor
    > on my custom board having 64mb ram running linuxppc-2.4.18 kernel .
    > i am using Sandisk Extreme CF 1GB which is 133x high speed, but
    > found the performance with other kingston 1GB CF with slower speed ,
    > is both same , CF is implemented on pcmcia port , i am not sure what
    > is the mode set for transfer , Feature set command is used in which
    > it sets the PIO mode or Multiword DMA transfer mode by specifying
    > its value in Sector count register , i am not able to understand in
    > linux kernel ide driver where this is set , is it by default set ,
    > this mode is set or we need to set it , i think we should assign
    > this value , right now i am not able to trace this in my code. ,

    All Compact Flash cards, in 16-bit PCMCIA card readers, operate in PIO
    mode 1 (polled IO, no DMA), which means you will get only about 1
    MB/sec regardless of the card's claimed tranfer speed. Some cameras
    also only support this mode; others will run CF cars in "TrueIDE"
    mode, which is required to use the DMA transfer modes.

    There are high performance CF card readers that can use TrueIDE mode:
    both CardBus ones and Firewire ones. For example:

    It sounds like your card reader is one of the slow 16-bit ones.

    -- Dave


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