Re: Kernel + mdadm 2.6.2-2 + Auto rebuild RAID1?

On 1 Dec 2007, Jan Engelhardt uttered the following:

On Dec 1 2007 06:19, Justin Piszcz wrote:

RAID1, 0.90.03 superblocks (in order to be compatible with LILO, if
you use 1.x superblocks with LILO you can't boot)

Says who? (Don't use LILO ;-)

Well, your kernels must be on a 0.90-superblocked RAID-0 or RAID-1
device. It can't handle booting off 1.x superblocks nor RAID-[56]
(not that I could really hope for the latter).

But that's just /boot, not everything else.

Not using ANY initramfs/initrd images, everything is compiled into 1
kernel image (makes things MUCH simpler and the expected device layout
etc is always the same, unlike initrd/etc).

My expected device layout is also always the same, _with_ initrd. Why?
Simply because mdadm.conf is copied to the initrd, and mdadm will
use your defined order.

Of course the same is true of initramfs, which can give you the 1 kernel
image back, too. (It's also nicer in that you can autoassemble
e.g. LVM-on-RAID, or even LVM-on-RAID-over-nbd if you so desire.)

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