[PATCH -mm 0/6] fix iommu segment boundary problems (powerpc and x86)

This patchset is a sequel to my patchset to fix iommu segment boundary


This adds new IOMMU helper functions for the free area
management. These functions take care of LLD's segment boundary limit
for IOMMUs. They are useful for IOMMUs that use bitmap for the free
area management.

The helper functions are very low level. They just find a free area in
bitmap appropriate for low level drivers. The IOMMUs continue to use
their hardware specific techniques easily with the low level helper

This patchset converts three IOMMUs: POWERPC, X86 calgary, and X86 gart
but I tested POWERPC patch. The rest are only compile tested since I
don't have hardware.

This is against 2.6.24-rc4-mm1.
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