Re: Bugs on aspire one A150

Alan Jenkins wrote:
Maxim Levitsky wrote:
I have just bought an Aspire one A150, XP version,
as it was the only available here, and installed ubuntu on it.

Bugs I discovered so far:

** 1 - embedded controler works in polling mode, due to this:

[ 0.708571] ACPI: EC: non-query interrupt received, switching to interrupt mode
[ 1.224043] ACPI: EC: missing confirmations, switch off interrupt mode.

Maybe this is the reason for the fact that gnome power manager freezes when I unplug
the AC, and freezes often when I try to see battery status.

(Note: same is seen on my acer aspire 5720)

That sounds like a known issue. It has been resolved by "ACPI: EC: revert msleep patch". Happily Len submitted it for mainline this week. You will also find it if you try the acpi-test git tree. We're all hoping 2.6.28 will be much improved in terms of reliable operation of different ECs :).

** 2 - wireless: not to mention the fact that ath5k wasn't installed by default in ubuntu...
wireless more or less works, but kernel log is full of backtraces.

Well, that doesn't tell us much. Did they still happen after upgrading to 2.6.28-rc3? Can we see them?

Was able to connect to my WPA2 access point.
Sometimes wireless fails completely, especially after suspend to ram.
Advanced features like monitor/injection work, but when I changed the card's
mac address it stopped working.
I also noticed that if I then start airodump, then wireless works with new mac.

** 3 - internal mic doesn't work.
tried model=acer, model=auto.
Overall it seems that alsa misprograms O/B realteck
I talk about this later.
Have same issue on my acer 5720

** 4 - wireless led doesn't work.
ath5k devs, can you fix this?

** 5 - coretemp doesn't show cpu temperature,
I have seen somewhere that atom support same thermal diode as core2
and only patch to detect it is needed.
Please include such path in 2.6.28 if exists.
Patch for that does exits, but doesn't apply to latest git,
I will apply in manually.
This should go to .28 I think, this is trivial thing.

** 6 - both card readers are missing from lspci, is this normal?

A similar bug has been reported as a regression:


so one assumes that it worked on the machines with linux pre-installed. Hopefully without requiring any hacks.

It seems that for now a workaround may be to pass the option debug_quirks=1 to the sdhci module...


...or that it may help if you insert an SD card before booting.

Apparently the reporter also investigated pcie hotplug. Probably the BIOS doesn't provide the normal support. You can try "modprobe pciehp pciehp_force=1", maybe it helps the kernel discover the devices. It worked for something else on my EeePC. But then it will reportedly disappear the ethernet controller.

However, at the moment pciehp can cause delays of 10s of seconds during resume.
Got, a SD card, and with help of pciehp it works almost perfectly in both slots.
Almost, due to the fact that R/O switch is ignored.
(Just as I expected, a s/w switch, couldn't they think more, and include a hardware switch?)
On my main acer R/O switch works.

However I have to use pciehp_force=1, I understand that probably acpi tables are broken,
but could you add a workaround (dmi quirk?)

Also, there is a acpiphp driver, which doesn't work here.
pciehp is supposed to support so called native mode, don't yet know what it is,
but here it still uses acpi.

** 7 - opengl is broken, I tried running neverball in fullscreen, but it shows wrong/corrupted
textures (compiz is running, and working well thought)
I almost sure why this happens, opengl application is out of textures,
I need to install gem enabled intel driver here, and see how it works.

Best regards,
Maxim Levitsky
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