[PATCH 0/10] Add yaffs2 file system: Fourth patchset

This is the fourth submission of a yaffs2 patchset.

I would like to thank everyone that has given comments so far. They
have been most helpful.

I would like to thank CELF (now part of Linux Foundation) and Google
for sponsoring the effort to get yaffs2 mainlined.

This code is patched from 371b2eaad7d9c4947ec1e5c5f0576b7e118df617
at git://www.aleph1.co.uk/yaffs2.

This patch set takes onboard almost all the comments provided since the
last set of patches. Most noteably :
* Removal of almost all the wrapper macros. Pretty much all that remains
is some wrapping (YCHAR --> char) to allow Unicode compilation.
* Huge amount of reformating. Code passes checkpatch.pl except for what
* appears to be a checkpatch.pl bug (reported).
* Fixes since last submission.

This code ran various tests for the whole night with no problems seen.

Comments/feedback welcome, but I'm hopefully getting pretty close to
acceptance :-).

-- Charles
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