Re: Help! How to restore glibc on a broken system?

From: Aeryn (
Date: 07/25/03

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    Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 18:05:35 -0400

    Ug, now I am really confused...more like wary of upgrading glibc. Here is
    what my systems has on it.


    Now, I would like to upgrade to the glibc 2.3 version. I have been told to
    use the:


    According to that bugzilla thread, there will be problems...or will there
    not be problems? Do I have the right files? Do I need to update the rpm
    version as well? Lots of confusion..

    I mean, I don't remember it last summer being so difficult to upgrade the
    glibc (ok, I am a little rusty with my has been a while)

    Please, if someone can clarify the situation for me...and apparently quite a
    few other people, that would be great.


    On 7/24/03 4:45 PM, "David Demner" <> wrote:

    > A number of people (including me) had this problem.
    > --- Original reponse thanks to Michael Fratoni ---
    > Did you perhaps 'upgrade' to glibc*.i386.rpm on an i686 system?
    > If so, have a look here for possible fixes:
    > --- Thanks again to Michael Fratoni ---
    > Step #15 has instructions on how to restore an affected system.
    > Good luck,
    > David

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