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Date: 07/25/03

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    Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 15:54:19 -0700

    On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 12:22:28 -0400
    mark <> wrote:

    > Well, I just read about RH "opening up the development process" to
    > outsiders, over on ZDNet. *Then* I read the "system requirements" for 10:
    > 200MHz for *non-graphical*, 400MHz for graphical...*minimum*.
    > Does RedHat think they're the next M$?

    No, they're trying to be realistic as to what's required for a typical installation so they don't get several thousand "It's dog slow!" complaints from angry users. Also, the requirements for _ANY_ beta are worse that a regular installation because typically all possible debugging options are compiled in, complete with full error messages, if possible. The goal, after all, in a beta is to detect problems and solve them - which requires information.

    > Now, up until a month or so ago, I was running 7.3 w/ KDE, w/ kernel & lib
    > updates, etc. 7.3 came out, what, a year and a half ago?...and I'm running
    > an AMD K-6 233 (ok, mine's "overclocked" to 250 <g>, for the SDRAM...).
    > No problem. I put IceWM in place of KDE, and it runs like a champ.
    > Now I've just upgraded to 9, same deal (though the once or twice I tried
    > KDE, it ran slower than Lose95 on a '486). Non-graphical is jes' fine.

    Personally, I'm more a fan of XFCE. Small footprint, easy configuration, clean running, gnome compatibility is pretty good.

    > To me, one of my arguments is that you don't *have* to upgrade your hardware
    > until it physically gives up the ghost. It's M$ that makes you have to
    > upgrade hardware, every time you get a new release. Especially in the
    > middle of the most major recessino since the Depression, when companies are
    > running tight, and home users are strapped for cash, most can't afford to
    > buy new hardware.
    > And RedHat's answer is...?

    See above. And note that recent releases (RH 9, for example) even have a "minimal installation" option, which, if you leave big components such as OO out, and use AbiWord instead, and the Gimp, etc., you can get by with less processor, less disk, and less RAM. But it's not as much fun.


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