Low on RAM memory warnings

Date: 07/30/03

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    Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 18:35:58 +0530

    Dear List.

    I did not find any interface to search this list, so please
    pardon me if this question has already been asked.

    I have Redhat 8.0 installed on a machine which has 128 MB RAM
    and 40 GB hard disk space.

    How do I determine that my system is running low on RAM memory?
    Meaning which particular parameter should reach or not reach some
    value warning me its time to add RAM to my system.

    I searched google for this but I am not getting any guidance for
    Redhat, only for either Solaris or UNIX. For e.g this site:


    deals with the topic of when to upgrade memory (A search for the phrase
    "low on memory" on this webpage will jump to the particular section I
    am talking about)

    This webpage talks of checking the number of page-outs as a sign of
    low memory. Also there is a mention of running a command sar -wpgr and
    checking the values of pgfree and pgscan. There is a "sar" command in
    Redhat 8.0 but no such switch like -p or -g. Also if I do manage to display
    the "paging" values there is no mention of how many pages are free and
    how many have been scanned .i.e pgfree or pgscan.

    After some more searching I came across this file /proc/stat which displays
    the number of pages read in and the number of pages read out e.t.c but there
    is no clue how to intrepret its output. Same goes for outputs of vmstat, iostat

    So finally which command-line utility in Redhat 8.0 (no GUI or graphical utilities
    please, I would like to have a common memory monitoring tool which should be
    by default available on all Linux/UNIX/Solaris systems installed with or without
    X-Windows) can display the warning threshold for shortage of memory?

    Sorry for the long winded story here.

    Thanx in advance.

    Eagerly awaiting replies


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