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Date: 09/09/03

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    Of course it can scale down much further than Windows...Try running a
    2000 server without the GUI loaded. Also, check the base kernel memory
    requirements for Windows vs. Linux. You can set your Linux box up to
    load the GUI when you need it by doing a startx as well. That way when
    administering the box you have your GUI and when running it you can
    strip it of the GUI all well.

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    Hey everyone.

    We are getting close to needing some extra storage on our network and I
    am doing a little research on our options right now.

    Originally I thought it would be a good idea to just get another
    computer with some big HD's and put Windows 2000 Professional on it,
    then share all the directories necessary. But then I got to reading
    about a NAS device and thought that maybe THAT would be a BETTER idea.
    The idea behind a NAS (afaik) is that a full blown operating system is
    not necessary and therefore a much scaled down version would suffice if
    the purpose of the server is to just server files.

    So then I thought it would be a good idea to just install RedHat 8 (or
    9) on this new server and use Samba to share the files to the Windows
    computers. I'm thinking that this would be a better idea than a NAS
    because there wouldn't be the cost of license for the os, and you could
    probably scale down Linux much further than you could Windows (not
    totally sure about that though).

    To make a long story short (or is it too late for that?) I'd like to
    know what the people on the list have to say about that. In particular,
    are there any Windows houses out there that use Linux as just a file

    Looking forward to your feedback.


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