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From: Michael Gargiullo (
Date: 10/01/03

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    On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 10:06, Parker Morse wrote:
    > On Wednesday, Oct 1, 2003, at 05:55 US/Eastern, Denham Eva wrote:
    > > My ISP does not support Linux/Redhat connections. However I am
    > > wondering if
    > > anyone can spare me the research time
    > > and tell me does that mean it is not possible? Or is it?
    > > They do support the Windows platform. I can only think that the issue
    > > would
    > > be with the password and user authentication. Am I
    > > missing something?

    I work at an ISP. We don't officially support Linux, but you can
    connect. We don't support it due to the number of different flavors
    available, and the differences between them. With Redhat, just starting
    at 6.2 to present, there are 7 versions (I think), all a little
    different, and if they do or don't use X makes 14 possible Redhat
    flavors. There are really only 4 flavors of windows, which is much
    easier to train a call center on.

    Now that that is said. How do you connect to the internet? Cable
    modem, dialup, etc...?

    For cable modem, it's easy.

    In X, goto network configuration (system settings -> network
    configuration) You'll have to enter the root password.

    Edit your adapter and choose dhcp

    Using VIM

    vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (if eth0 is your conection
    to the cable modem)

    Give it these three lines

    > DEVICE=eth0
    > BOOTPROTO=dhcp
    > ONBOOT=yes

    Or Check out the HOW-To's online (With another computer obviously)

    Michael Gargiullo <>
    Warp Drive Networks
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