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From: Edward Croft (
Date: 10/06/03

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    Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 14:46:46 -0400

    On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 14:29, Brett Franck wrote:
    > All,
    > I don't mean to stir up a frenzy here, but I've been following the
    > list for the last few days on this Fedora Vs RedHat, and am
    > confused.......(to say the least)
    > I've been a HAPPY RedHat user since 7.x, and am trying to glean from
    > these posts whether or not I'm going to be able to continue using
    > RedHat for my HTTP, SMTP/POP, SAMBA and FTP Needs???!!!!??? I would
    > despise going back to Mandrake. (Started there, didn't like it)
    > Maybe I've been spoiled by a great FREE product, and want to know if
    > it's going to stay that way........
    > Since I'm not an enterprise customer, will there still be a RedHat
    > server product out there for me to continue to use?
    > Thanks,
    > Brett
    > Oooh, Brett, careful with that FREE tag. Red Hat Linux was available
    > free, but part of the reason that Red Hat is pushing us to Fedora, at
    > least in what I have gleaned is that RHL is not profitable. A lot of
    > people download it and copy it and never pay anything. How long can a
    > listed company stay profitable giving away the software if no one is
    > buying their support either. Yes, you could get it free, and you could
    > get a free RHN account to keep your free system updated, however, at
    > some point someone has to pay. Red Hat has to account to their
    > shareholders, like me. I want to see them succeed. While they never
    > may reach the lofty $200 a share they achieved when their IPO went
    > out, we do want them to succeed. I did a quick scan on Fedora and I
    > see a lot of the apps that are normally in RHL. In a way, the free
    > version is not going away. It has been reborn as a community effort.
    > Red Hat will still contribute towards it, but the community will
    > support it. This is good for the less fortunate lot that can't afford
    > their enterprise versions. It will also be great for those who are
    > trying to find their way in Linux without a capital outlay. Namely
    > using an old PC and a 'free' copy of Linux. I was a bit put off at
    > first at hearing the news, but I think it is in Red Hat's best
    > interest to concentrate on their enterprise version. The hobbyist can
    > use Fedora to their hearts content freely. This allows Red Hat to
    > concentrate on the more profitable projects. Remember, they still have
    > team members that are contributing to Fedora. So they have not exactly
    > abandoned it. They are looking to the community to build/develop/debug
    > Fedora. In this way, they are assisting in providing a 'free' product,
    > but their resources are used in the creation of products from which
    > they can derive profits. If they profit and succeed they stay in
    > business. I think a bunch of us jumped on them, but we have to cut
    > them some slack. They have contributed a lot to the community. They
    > have made RHL available for downloads. Many have done just that and
    > utilized the free/survey-sponsored RHN. There is no profit in that for
    > RH. They are a business. They have stockholders to account to.
    Ed Croft, RHCE and happy stockholder.

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