Re: Running oracle 8 or oracle 9 on RedHat9.x

From: fred smith (
Date: 10/22/03

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    Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 06:56:44 -0400

    On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 11:53:44AM +0200, Johan Kruger-Haglert wrote:
    > I've been trying to get Linux+apache+php+oracle working here with no
    > success, so I've to ask for some help.
    > Versions:
    > RedHat 9.0
    > PHP 4.3.4RC1
    > Oracle Enterprise Server 9.2.x
    > Oracle client 8.1.7

    I have been unable to get an 8i client to install and/or run on RH9.
    Not that I"m a guru in that regard, but I have spent some hours trying.
    And like you, I've been able to find NO help anywhere on this topic.

    I don't know anything about PHP, so I can't help you with compiling
    it against 9i.

    But you could try this (horrible) kludge:
    install the 9i client, then make symlinks to the various 9i shared
    libs that are named the same as the 8i version of that lib. This
    may allow you to get PHP running. Or maybe not. I did it once upon
    a time for a different app, and it appeared to be working, given
    limited testing. But you can be sure Oracle isn't going to support it!

    > The machine has to run RedHat, and newest version would be good.
    > Oracle9.x doesn't seem to be certified for RedHat9 but I've found guides
    > on how to get it running and it works. PHP is compiled with --with-oci8
    > against the Oracle9.x server, the compilation works but PHP does not.
    > I've set env values in httpd.conf together with the mod_env module
    > without any success, probably because there are no oracle 9 support.
    > I've read that you can use the Oracle 8.x client against a 9.x database
    > and compile PHP against that client instead, but the installation just
    > hangs with a gray window and 100% CPU usage. I've read that it could
    > help to change window manager to fvwm but no success.
    > Any help to either get PHP using Oracle9 or installing Oracle8 on
    > RedHat9 would be appreciated.
    > It would be good if any answers where cced/sent directly to my e-mail
    > address.
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