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From: Ioannis Psaras (ipsaras_at_ee.duth.gr)
Date: 11/25/03

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    To: redhat-list@redhat.com
    Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 14:12:53 +0200

    Hello everybody,

    I've got a little problem.Here is what:

    I needed to change my PATH in the /etc/profile in order to run an application
    every time i logon as a user.Instead of giving the right path i gave a wrong
    one.For example in stead of writting:


    i wrote:


    At that time was a root.

    As a result i can not login either as a user or as root.When i try to logon on a
    failsafe session it gives me a message and the logon screen comes up again.

    On the logon screen i tried <Ctrl>+<Alt>+F1 to log on as a user.From that
    position i tried to run the vi editor in order to give the right path, but
    vi: command not found.

    I use RHL9.Does anybody know how can i edit in the /etc/profile??


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