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From: Craig Daters (
Date: 02/13/04

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    Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 10:55:37 -0700

    Hi Linda,

    I looked to procmail to filter spam too, but I found a solution which
    takes care of all of that by using MailScanner
    ( This program uses other tools to scan
    for viruses and spam (dangerous content), is quick and has low
    overhead. It integrates all these programs that you never know you
    have so many tools working together. So with MailScanner, I am also

    a) SpamAssassin 2.63 ( - using the RPM's available there
    b) Active Spam Killer 2.4.1 ( - a
    challenge/confirmation system.
    c) ClamAV 0.65 ( for virus scanning
    d) MailWatch ( - web frontend for
    MailScanner (very cool!)

    I had been running just Sendmail, and was using RBL to filter our
    spam. I was getting more and more false positives this way, and
    somehow more and more spam was getting through.

    I installed ASK (Active Spam Killer) and instantly, spam was no
    longer an issue. Users can monitor and configure thier Queue and
    White/Black/Ignore lists via email. This was a godsend and installed
    in like 15 minutes!

    Then MyDoom hit, some of our machines became virus infected. I had
    seen MailScanner before, and wrongly thinking that this was a Virus
    Scanner at the MTA level. I downloaded it and then learned that it
    was so much more. Excited about it, I had it installed and running in
    about an hour (including SpamAssassin!) I then downloaded and
    installed ClamAV, set it up to auto update every few hours.

    I then learned of MailWatch (I don't remember where) and downloaded
    and installed this. This is great because now I can monitor incoming
    mail and see that MailScanner is actually working. With it, you can
    teach SpamAssassin what is or is not Spam and this has really helped.
    MailWatch is really worth having.

    The whole system was a breeze to set up. Maintaining it is even
    easier. I don't know how we got by without it. Needless to say, I
    have ditched the RBL system altogether.

    Kind regards,

    Craig D.

    Craig Daters (
    Systems Administrator
    West Press Printing
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    Tel: 520-624-4939
    Fax: 520-624-2715
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