Re: Newbie Question - What is actually executing the binary?

From: Stephen Kuhn (
Date: 06/06/04

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    Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 01:19:13 +1000

    On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 01:10, wrote:
    > Hi guys,
    > Thanks for your awnsers. Your awnsers gave me a lot of searching material.
    > I searched for "How the kernel executes binary files" and some such related
    > keywords, keyphrases in google and I came across this URL:
    > This webpage deals a lot with the internal working of the kernel. It
    > mentions the functions sys_execve, prepare_binprm and load_binary
    > which perform the binary execution process.
    > But what I was interested in knowing is WHICH kernel module defines
    > these functions? Which library is called by the kernel when it recieves
    > the instruction to execute a binary, the library that contains these
    > symbols?
    > What I basically am interested in is the knowing the complete knowledge
    > of the background? That is when I create an executable of my own using
    > gcc or some other 'C' compiler and run the executable by saying
    > "./executable-name" then which kernel modules are involved, their
    > sequence e.t.c. If I get to know the name of even one kernel module
    > I can search out the whole module sequence from google.
    > By the by in this context I ran the command "ksyms" on a Redhat
    > terminal but I did not come across the aforementioned symbols, not
    > even something close. I guess "ksyms" shows only the externally
    > usable kernel symbols.
    > Sorry for keeping you engaged.
    > SNODX

    Email Linus. He'll tell you everything.

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