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Date: 06/08/04

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    You can do this by creating a sepreate partition or drive to mount for
    that fs. When you add the entry to /etc/fstab you can place "ro" in the
    options column. For Example:

    LABEL=/home /home ext3 ro 1 1

    The preceding line will mount the home directory as read only. You will
    of course have to remeber to label the partition as /home. You will also
    probably want to add more options then just read only. This is just an

    >>> 6/8/2004 3:44:25 PM >>>
    I am working a creating a remote log server using RedHat Advanced
    Server 3.
    I would like to be able to make an entire file system read only where
    can't even change the contents. Does anybody know of a way to do



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