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From: Duncan (
Date: 06/18/04

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    To: "Duncan" <>, "General Red Hat Linux discussion list" <>
    Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 12:00:26 +0200

    I finally managed to resolve ;
    commented out the offending line , still no running copy , then emptied
    cache.log and store.log , created swap directories and voila it worked!!!
    Please do not underestimate yourselves.
    Good day burning windows !!!!

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    Subject: Ignoring ACL

    i am having problems with my squid , i am getting this error after placing
    access restrictions in squid.conf

    2004/06/18 08:49:52| aclParseAclLine: IGNORING invalid ACL: acl deny_list
    src "/root/deny.ip.list"
    squid: ERROR: No running copy

    Anbody please help urgent

    Duncan Rack

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