Re: Console peaced out?

From: Jim Maul (
Date: 12/18/04

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    Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 22:01:39 -0500 (EST)
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    > On Friday 17 December 2004 15:26, Jim Maul wrote:
    >> I am running rh9 on a couple machines at work here. While i was out
    >> sick one day a co-worker logged into one of the machines and did loaded
    >> up xwindows (startx). I (and him) have done this many times in the past
    >> without a problem but for some reason when he did it this time, he said
    >> that xwindows started loading but then the screen went black and that
    >> was it. I originally thought it might be something with the display
    >> settings being out of range for the monitor but it appears that is not
    >> the problem. The machine responds fine (to ping and such) and i can get
    >> into it through ssh without and problems but the console appears to be
    >> hosed. The keyboard is unresponsive (i cant even get the numlock light
    >> to come on) and the screen is just sitting there black. It is not a
    >> problem with the monitor or anything as i have swapped that out.
    >> I tried killing his session to see if it would log him out and return
    >> the console to a prompt but that did not happen. The session ended as
    >> it not longer is displayed in top or who but still the console remains
    >> black and the keyboard is unresponsive.
    >> Is there something that i can kill or run to be able to get the console
    >> back? This machine usually goes 8-10 months before something comes up
    >> where it needs to be rebooted and i REALLY dont want to have to reboot
    >> it now. Its serving quite a lot for us here. And yes, i know you
    >> shouldnt really be running x on a console of a server but hey, he did
    >> and now its hosed and i gotta deal with it.
    >> Does anyone have any ideas or perhaps more info is needed?
    >> Thanks,
    >> -Jim
    > Sometimes when your terminal is behaving strangely, you can try to reset
    > it
    > to a "reasonable" set of default settings by 'blindly' typing the
    > command:
    > stty sane <enter>
    > or:
    > CTRL-J
    > stty sane
    > CTRL-J
    > (CTRL-J is interpreted as a carriage-return, in case <enter> is also
    > unresponsive)
    > Best,
    > Tom

    I'll try this but i wont have console access until monday. I'll report
    back monday.


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