Ciscoworks with IPTables

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Date: 01/10/05

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    Hi all,

    I have been trying to allow access to a Cisco switch that is behind an
    AS3 IPtables firewall, but I cannot get everything to work correctly. I
    have a similar problem when going through a Checkpoint firewall.

    The guys that administer the Cisco devices use Ciscoworks to access all
    of these switches with the exception of the ones in a different DMZ as
    the Ciscoworks box. When they do the test to check connectivity,
    Ciscoworks tries to get tftp to connect, but cannot complete the
    connection. I have allowed a wide open rule to and from the switch and
    it still does not work. Does anybody have any ideas?

    BTW, I have loaded the ip_conntrack_tftp and ip_nat_tftp modules. Still
    not help.

    Thanks a lot.
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