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From: Ugo Bellavance (
Date: 06/15/05

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    Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 09:18:43 -0400

    Enrico Payne wrote:
    > Not to want to cause to much confussion, but I use Xamime (, although it is not a daemon as such, it interfaces with
    > many different virus programs, and also has a good web interface for maintaining the system. It allows access to SpamAssassin, Razor
    > etc, but has an added advantage that you can interface it with your own applications that can either do stuff with the mail, or just
    > do additional scans that are not supported by the application, such as enabling IPTABLE filters to block repeat spammers...

    Interesting and not too expensive. Even the open project seems very
    good. Looks like Xamime is to XamimeLT what SMGateway is to MailScanner.

     Reminds me that MailScanner has an extensible interface via custom
    functions (and an IPblock feature to play with iptables rules). There is
    also a plugin called Vispan that allows adding repeat spam/virus senders
    to access list to be blocked at the mta level.

    > We process about 4000 mails a day, and have found it to be reliable and responsive. If you have a small quantity of mail, you could
    > use their free offering called Xamime-light (I think)
    > Regards
    > Enrico

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