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Date: 09/26/05

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    Thank you for the quick response. My problem is that I specified the
    swap partition to be on one of the hard drives. If the system was going
    to create a dynamic swap file, shouldn't there be an entry in the fstab,
    or somewhere?
    Just curious..
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    Hmmmm... Could be a swap file...

    Might use lsof and grep for those file names to see if anything is
    writing to them
    depending on the timestamps.


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    > I've found several gigantic files in the users directory with the size
    > of 2147483648. The name of the files are .swap1.img, .swap2.img, etc..
    > My questions are:
    > What are they?
    > How did they get there?
    > Can they be removed?
    > Thank you in advance for your help. P.S I hope this is the
    > correct url.
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