Re: redhat-config-packages using iso image

From: bob flynn (
Date: 10/27/05

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    Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 08:57:59 +0100

    bob flynn wrote:

    >I want to do the following. Run redhat-config-package pointing to
    >loopback mounts of iso images.
    >My understanding is the following works.
    >1. copy .discinfo from the first disk to the subdirectory containing the
    >disk images.
    >ie folder redhat contains
    >this should allow the following to work.
    >redhat-config-packages -tree=/redat
    >the problem is that I cannot get it to work. I get an error message
    >installation tree not found. The path does not look like a proper
    >installation source.
    >Note the above folder details were an example, I want to sort this out
    >for an internal set of images for
    >redhat x
    >fedora x
    >redhat enterprise 3 x
    >redhat enterprise 4 x
    >I figure the method is common to all. I simply cannot get it working at
    >the moment. Any help appreciated.
    Further investigation has got me this far. If I run

    redhat-config-packages --isodir=/path/to/version/iso/images

    the installer starts, it shows the images but there are a couple of

    1. The main scroll bar does not work, ie you cannot scroll down to see
    packages other than what is immediatly displayed.

    2. Taking an example. If I select Engineering and Scientific, and then
    deselect all packages other than units. Click on update.

    I get the following error message;

    The following packages could not be found. Installation cannot continue
    until they are installed.

    Unlocated package

    There may be more, but again the scroll function does not work on this

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