Re: Other computers cannot ping my computer

On 12/1/05, Tom Kearns <tkea@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Also:
> iptables -L -t mangle
> Tom
> >>> writetoashok@xxxxxxxxx 12/1/2005 7:46 AM >>>
> Hello,
> Try giving:
> iptables -L -t nat
> to list the contents of nat table also. Those wont be listed in iptables -L
> --
> regards,
> Ashok.

On 12/2/05, Alfred Hovdestad <alfred.hovdestad@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Let's look at this from the other end. What message do the other
> machines in the network get when they try to ping you? Can they
> resolve your host name to your IP address (host SERVER)? Are they
> trying to ping your hostname or your IP address? If they cannot ping
> your hostname, have them try pinging your IP address. Maybe your
> hostname is not registered with your DNS server.
> Alfred Hovdestad, RHCE
> University of Saskatchewan

The output for the iptables -L -t nat is as follows:

target prot opt source destination

target prot opt source destination

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination

The output of iptables -L -t mangle is as follows:

iptables: libiptc/libip4tc.c:380: do_check: Assertion
`h->info.valid_hooks == (1 << 0 | 1 << 3)' failed.
It also gave me segmentation fault and core was dumped.

Also, other machines are trying to ping me through my ip address
only. But they are on different subnet than mine. They are on 192


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