Re: cups on RHEL4

As I remember it, there are a decent amount of differences between RHEL3
and RHEL4.

I'd check your startup logs and such, see what is complaining. The
printer spool directories should be checked as well.

Are the printers direct attached or network printers served by the Linux


Tom Callahan
TESSCO Technologies

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Margaret_Doll wrote:

> I just switched from RHEL3 to RHEL4 on one of my servers. The
> configuration files were just moved from one system to the other.
> Macs and other unix computers used to be able to connect through port
> 631 to cups to do their printing on the RHEL3 system. They no longer
> can.
> I have selinux disable because I don't understand it completely and
> did not want it interfering with printing.
> I have 631 tcp and udp enabled in iptables.
> The Macs time out saying that port 631 is busy on the server.
> What do I need to open up?

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