Re: sudo Configuration

Or...using "sudo -l", one can get a full list of the commands to which
they have sudo access, including the full paths to those commands, if the
sysadmin has put the full path into the sudoers file...which is a better

This way, in order to get around the whole "missing this directory from my
search path" thing, all one needs to do is issue

"sudo /full/path/to/command"

to run the command.

This also gives the added benefit of not having a user be able to create a
script with the same name, in some other place, and then use sudo to run
that, potentially compromising your system.

On Wed, April 12, 2006 5:21 pm, Wayne Pinette wrote:
You could do what I do (cause this drives me nuts) and edit profile (in
the etc directory) to just allow
everyone to use the sbin directories (just get rid of the if statement
around that pathmunge call).


AMeadows@xxxxxxx 04/12/06 1:45 pm >>>
I am attempting to configure sudo on a RH AS v3 r4 server. The version
of sudo installed is 1.6.7p5. I would like to pass the $PATH
of root to the sudoer when they run a sudo command. If User A runs
ifconfig, usera receives an error saying that ifconfig cannot be
I know that this is due to the fact that the /sbin path is not in the
user A's profile. Is it possible to pass the .profile info from root
user A so this command can run successfully?

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