Re: cannot ssh from outside network

Did you check TCP wrappers on (hosts.deny / hosts.allow)
Also, as others suggested, make sure firewall lets through ssh traffic.


On 8/3/06, Manuel Arostegui Ramirez <manuel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

El Jueves, 3 de Agosto de 2006 01:11, Paula J. Lindsay escribió:
> Hi,
> I have a redhat 9 box.

You should upgrade your box, RH 9.0 is quite old.

> I tried to connect to the redhat 9 box from a machine outside our
> and got the following... 101 worf: ssh -l spooner
> ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

Use ssh -l spooner -v -v -v
In order to debug find out what's wrong in the autenthication proccess.

> And the following packet capture from inside of our firewall shows
> that born receives the connection and then refuses it with a Fin
> 15:51:13.740835 > S
> 15:51:13.744082 > S
> 15:51:18.821897 > F
> A connection attempt from within our network is successful. Maybe
> this machine is treating hosts from outside of our 137.131 IP space
> differently? Can someone help me?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Paula

Is that box behind a firewall? If so, take a look at those logs.


Manuel Aróstegui Ramírez.

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