Re: grep: memory exhausted

El Martes, 19 de Septiembre de 2006 17:16, Bill Tangren escribió:
I am occasionally getting the following kernel message:

Sep 19 08:54:02 mach2 kernel: usbhid: probe of 3-2.4:1.1 failed with error

I did a grep to find all occurrences of usbhid in the logs, and this is
what happened:

# cd /var/log
# grep usbhid *
anaconda.syslog:<6>usbcore: registered new driver usbhid
dmesg:usbcore: registered new driver usbhid
grep: memory exhausted

I found this unusual, as I have 2 GB of ram (not a lot these days, but more
than I've ever had before).

Does anyone know why grep would be exhausting available ram?

Maybe is a /proc issue.
Maybe grep is eating all the input it can from files in /proc.

Just an opinion.

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez.

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