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sylvan dacounha wrote:
i have a REDHAT 9 server which is refusing to boot giving me segmentation fault ..
but in rescue mode i can see all partitions and is fine. but when i try to excute commands like grep it gives segmentation fault,
n excute ./configure jus says nothing.
you have the same problems with seg. fault also in rescue mode? I don't quite understand from your mail. None of your applications work or just a few? Have you tried several different commands?
also i tried to reinstall REDHAT 9 but it everthing goes fine but when it start to copy files it copies the first file .. kernel n after copying the first file it jus hangs
also i feel that the basic utilities are corrupted or my system hacked.
Hacked *is* a possibility. Check for open ports on your machine. Best thing to do is to scan it with nessus or something like that from another machine because netstat can be altered by the hacker not to show open ports corresponding to some processes.
Btw, I don't think that just resolving the problem is the good thing to do. I always try to find out what caused the problem so I can make sure the thing never happens again.
And this can be done *only* using another machine. I would then check the integrity of the files and of the hard drive. I incline to think that given the fact that you cannot reinstall the os it is a hardware problem. You might find a lot of bad sectors in wich case I would throw the HDD away and buy another one. If everything checks out I would the check the RAM.
i have many partitions like /
now i have data in /usr and /opt
can i safely erase the /boot n /usr n /usr/local so i can resi using mkfs and recreate the filsystem so i can install the kernel n the basic utils without harming the data in the other FS. or cd u advice me as to how i cd reinstall the system
thnks and appreciate

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Hope this helps,

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