Re: upgrade kernel modules

sylvan dacounha wrote:
Hi Mark,
Thanks for the quick reply. appreciate if you could let me know the location of the driver where i cd download the source
or i could get the latest version of RH kernel
thnks once again

mark <mroth@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, Simon,

sylvan dacounha wrote:
I have red hat linux 9 and have downloaded the driver--- Intel(R)
Graphics Driver for Linux * Driver Revision: v1.1-20041217 for the
below display

now when i try to install it it says The DRI drivers can not be
installed without the latest kernel modules. Installation will be

how would i upgrade the latest kernel modules

my kernel version is version 2.4.20-8

You have a *very* old kernel. I ran RH9 until the beginning of this year, and I was on kernel 2.4.30-

You have two choices:
- you can d/l the source for the driver, and build it yourself, or
- you can upgrade the whole o/s.

The latter is, indeed, scary. You'll *not* just be going up a partial release, but a whole release, and nobody makes a distro that's easy to upgrade a whole release.

For the whole o/s, it's not only the kernel, but the binary utilities, and the Biggest, Scariest thing of all: glibc, which almost *everything* depends on.

I would recommend biting the bullet, and doing the upgrade. Another thing I'd note is that I, personally, wound up going to SuSE, because I was not comfortable with Fedora, as it seems to be more bleeding edge than leading edge, and I'm not interested in debugging the o/s. Another option would be, I gather, centos, which seems to be RedHat Enterprise with the serial numbers filed off .


I think installing the new kernel on rh 9 could prove to be cumbersome... Why don't you try and install FC x?

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