Re: upgrade kernel modules

From: Lord of Gore <lordofgore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 8:29 am
sylvan dacounha wrote:
mark <mroth@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
sylvan dacounha wrote:

I have red hat linux 9 and have downloaded the driver--- Intel(R)
Graphics Driver for Linux * Driver Revision: v1.1-20041217 for the
below display

Thanks for the quick reply. appreciate if you could let me know
the location of the driver where i cd download the source
or i could get the latest version of RH kernel

I don't have the slightest clue. I would *assume* that wherever you
found the driver, they would also have the source code.

my kernel version is version 2.4.20-8

You have a *very* old kernel. I ran RH9 until the beginning of
this year, and I was on kernel 2.4.30-

You have two choices:
- you can d/l the source for the driver, and build it yourself, or
- you can upgrade the whole o/s.

The latter is, indeed, scary. You'll *not* just be going up a
partial release, but a whole release, and nobody makes a distro
that's easy to upgrade a whole release.
<snip> >
I would recommend biting the bullet, and doing the upgrade.
Another thing I'd note is that I, personally, wound up going
to SuSE, because I was not comfortable with Fedora, as it seems
to be more bleeding edge than leading edge, and I'm not
interested in debugging the o/s.
Another option would be, I gather, centos, which seems to be RedHat
Enterprise with the serial numbers filed off. <g>

I think installing the new kernel on rh 9 could prove to be
cumbersome... Why don't you try and install FC x?

Is that Fedora Core Legacy? We still don't know what the driver's
looking for. One thing Simon can do is ldd <drivername>, and see what
it's trying to link to, which would tell us what it wants.


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