Server Farm

currently am building a web/DB/mail servers to replace old boxes. my
solution will spread the DB from the Web traffic. I am trying to implement
the best solution for
this and i need your opinion:

sample 1
|PIX|-----| 2x Cluster Apache/php server |------ |2 x Clustered DB
servers|------------|SAN storage|

sample 2
|PIX|-----| HW Load balancer|-----------| 2x Apache/php server |------ | 2x
Clustered DB servers|------------|SAN storage|

my solution should consider the following:
-separate Web traffic and Database
-spread that load over one or more server (master/slave)
-have some kind of Failover or High Availability
-being able to continually add more servers and space

the solution will provide web/DB/mail services
- Apache
- Qmail
- Oracle DB + MySQL DB
- Custom phps

your feedback please!

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