Memory Utilization

Hello All,

I have installed the JDK 1.5 and Tomcat on Linux, When
I start the Tomcat the memory utilization of tomcat is
40MB and after some clicks its increase to 45 mb and
then its keep increasing but in windows it doesnot
happen even if the tomcat in idle condition the memory
goes down but in linux case its not flush the memory
size, could any one please tell me what is the right

at Starting time :

[retaildriver@Centos ~]$ ps -eo
rss,pmem,pcpu,comm,user | grep java
41296 4.0 0.0 java retaildriver

After some time 2 hr or in idle condition :

[retaildriver@Centos ~]$ ps -eo
rss,pmem,pcpu,comm,user | grep java
82243 8.2 0.0 java retaildriver

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